Train Station Praha Bubny Vltavska

Praha-Bubny / station Praha Bubny Vltavska

Rating: 3.5
Аddress: 170 00 Prague-Prague 7, Czechia
GPS: 50.1022743 14.4385631



Train Station  Praha Bubny Vltavska Train Station  Praha Bubny Vltavska


Аbout Train Station Praha Bubny Vltavska.

Daniel Brvnišťan

Оценка: 2

The train stop is temporarily relocated closer to the metro exit and called Praha-Bubny Vltavská. All trains to Kladno end here for the duration of Negrelli viaduct reconstruction, not continuing to Masaryk station.

Radek Kovanda

Оценка: 5

An old disused railway station house, built in the typical uniformed Austrian railway architecture style, the very place where jewish people were forced to congregate and get in trains direction death during the first years of 1940s

Salome DiTigana

Оценка: 3

Seriously creepy place at night.

George Rie

Оценка: 2

Skoro zrušené nádraží, kde na přestup kamkoliv daleko.

Martin Kadlec

Оценка: 2

Velmi zanedbaná stanice. Nic pozitivního mne nenapadá snad jsem mnoho připomínek Holocaustu opodál..

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