Bus Station Prague Florenc

Praha Florenc / station Prague Florenc

Rating: 4
Аddress: Pod výtopnou 13/10, 186 00 Praha 8-Florenc, Czechia
GPS: 50.0893751 14.4397448



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Аbout Bus Station Prague Florenc.

Joseph Shakal

Оценка: 4

Good location, near sight seeing attractions and the metro station. Stay at the Hostel Florenc right next door. Luggage lockers and toilets are available. Stash your baggage and go to the zoo!! Very nice convenience store with fresh baked goods and coffees. See separate review. DO NOT use the money changer here- the rate is horrendous. DO NOT fall asleep in the waiting chairs. DO have coins for the metro. Notice : They have a nasty German Shepherd to chase out vagrants.

Martin Karaba

Оценка: 2

I come 3.40 AM from Berlin and my connection bus is 5.30 AM to Bratislava. And Praha FLORENC bus station - everything here close ( even toilet ) ; I hope I will not FREEZ here. ...that will be my longest two hours in my life. Just go down to the Metro station and stay with another homeless. :D AVOID Transfer at night !! ( Especially in the WINTER )

Kuldeep Chaudhary

Оценка: 3

It is good... You can change your currency there... They give you a very good exchange rate.

Palak Lakhani

Оценка: 5

Nice decent place. Be aware of pick-pocketers!

Melissa Brackx

Оценка: 5

Florenc is pretty decent, I stored my Luggage there for the day and headed to Karlovy Vary with Flixbus. Good facilities too, I arrived in the morning on the night Flix from Berlin and bathrooms were open early so I could freshen up and change clothes. You can have a shower too. Toilets are open from 2.45am until 00.30am. I waited for Hala 1 to open at 5.30am so I could drop my Luggage, then had some breakfast with free wifi at Starbucks. Good bus connections too to loads of places, service desks in Hala 1.

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