Train Station Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi

Ostrava, hl.n. / station Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: 702 00 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Czechia
GPS: 49.8506385 18.2662602



Train Station  Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi Train Station  Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi Train Station  Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi Train Station  Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi


Аbout Train Station Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi.

Marc Berry

Оценка: 3

Ostrava hl.n is a bus terminal. It's not the main bus terminal, but it's still a bus terminal in its own right. As bus terminals go, this one has a water fountain feature and a statue. What's that got to do with buses you ask, well, that's a great question but the answer is if course.. who cares. You can also get trains from here. What about trams, yes there are trams from here too. All these modes of transport will take you to many places, too many to mention, but all with the same common denominator - they all head away from ostrava hl.n. - which is probably a good thing, because I hate fountains.

Nina Nirada

Оценка: 5

Nice place, good wifi connection. The information officer & ticket officers can speak English very well.

Jakub Ševčík

Оценка: 3

Not the prettiest of stations, but it gives you what you need - platform access is easy, especially with the new elevators, ticket offices are never busy, connectivity with the city is great, the inside is warm and offers a variety of low-quality markets and food services. However, the place is quite old and full of suspicious people, so I recommend you to prefer the modern terminal at Svinov if you can.

Samad Memon

Оценка: 3

Nice station, restaurents, bakeries, mini super markets and much more.

Miroslava Surinova

Оценка: 3

Overall is Ok. In winter is warm inside. Plenty space to sit down. The interior is quite clean and there is a lift and escalator. There is few shops with food and even a bookstore with very cheap books. However the layout is bit confusing for people who are not locals, like the separation of cash registers for train tickets for local trains and for internation trains. They are on opposite sides of the building. The electronic information displais and info boxes are often out of order.

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