Train Station Chomutov Mesto

Chomutov město / station Chomutov Mesto

Rating: 3
Аddress: Stromovka, 430 01 Chomutov, Czechia
GPS: 50.4698522 13.4140683



Train Station  Chomutov Mesto Train Station  Chomutov Mesto


Аbout Train Station Chomutov Mesto.

Marek Němeček

Оценка: 2

Nothing much. Nothing but power. At least the train is building here :-)

Jiri Mar

Оценка: 3

The frequented railway station with weaker facilities can only refresh from two machines

Pavel Pimpl

Оценка: 2

The building as from the 70s unrepaired crumbling really can be seen at first glance, that no one is investing in the building. you don't know what you're going to meet there

Jakub Tomaštík

Оценка: 2

Old train stop. Really old furnishings and generally old, unsightly building. Toilets for 5 CZK are really awful. They don't even have a kiosk. Just a coffee machine. Fortunately, they have at least a closed waiting room in the evening.

Jan Šťastný

Оценка: 1

It looks more like a stop than a major station. There is nothing at all just issuing tickets. The building does not look ...

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