Station Brno Zidenice

Brno, Zidenice / station Brno Zidenice

Rating: 2.9
Аddress: Lazaretní, 615 00 Brno-Židenice, Czechia
GPS: 49.2041837 16.6366794



Station  Brno Zidenice Station  Brno Zidenice Station  Brno Zidenice Station  Brno Zidenice


Аbout Station Brno Zidenice.

Balázs Szabó

Оценка: 3

Since there are some renovation works going on around the main railway station, our train stopped here. The city is not easily approachable from here, since the tram line is also under construction. We decided to walk, but the sidewalk was often missing, too. Even without all these issues, this railway station is not the most pleasant or safest part of the city.

farooq amin

Оценка: 1

I took a train from Vienna to Brno hoping to get down at h.n but my train went to this station instead. I had to take a local train to h.n. The station is not up to the European standards. Looks likes in a third world country

John Little

Оценка: 2

Look, it is not their fault but i'm spending a lot of time here because hlavni nadrazi is closed and this is better than 1 star dolni brezani. Small snack shop, ticket office, TS Eliot But why do the trains from hungary never run on time?

Miloš E-R

Оценка: 1

Looks and feels like the world war ended yesterday.

Martin Kocian

Оценка: 3

Parking lot is in catastrophic state

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