Station Brno Hlavni Nadrazi

Brno hlavní nádraží / station Brno Hlavni Nadrazi

Rating: 2.6
Аddress: 602 00 Brno-Brno-střed, Czechia
GPS: 49.1908371 16.6126478



Station  Brno Hlavni Nadrazi Station  Brno Hlavni Nadrazi Station  Brno Hlavni Nadrazi


Аbout Station Brno Hlavni Nadrazi.

Jan Červinka

Оценка: 3

Absolutely beautiful and stunning piece of architecture which is not care about at all. Such a pity that Czech railways (ČD) and city ain't doing much about this building...

Daniela Pe.

Оценка: 4

The place might seem scary but it's actually safe. Try to avoid the outside area in front of the building. At night there is security taking care of the station. The international tickets are at the end of the corridor from the main hall. At night the tickets are sold at small office under the platforms.

Long Talker

Оценка: 4

Confusing departure boards, whereby platform number is different from track number. Ugly vedonrs'/commercial area in the halls surrounding the station. Otherwise, things are running fine trainwise.

Lukasz Dziegiel

Оценка: 5

Great station, clear information system, nice people, maby not enough seats, but it's good anyway.

Remigatio Rowing

Оценка: 1

If you visit any day after 9 p.m., you will see an awful place where time stopped in the 1990s - filthy, disorganized, full of drunkards and vagabonds disturbing regular passengers and passers-by. As if Brno's mayors and city councils have been sleeping all that time, or have never gone to see the place.

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