Station Břeclav nádraží

Breclav / station Břeclav nádraží

Rating: 4
Аddress: 690 02 Breclav, Czechia
GPS: 48.7536757 16.8924738



Station  Břeclav nádraží Station  Břeclav nádraží Station  Břeclav nádraží


Аbout Station Břeclav Nádraží.

Daniel Brvnišťan

Оценка: 5

Currently being renovated, but despite that quite comfortable and with all amenities (except WiFi). Very nice clean and modern station restaurant.

Direncan Uğurlu

Оценка: 2

Wifi works great but the security woke everybody up who was just simply and peacefully sleeping at 3am.

Julio Rezende

Оценка: 4

Simple station

Belal Jaber

Оценка: 5

Small station but organized well, connected with Bratislava,, Vienna, Prague and many other cities


Оценка: 2

I was treated really rude in the shop, because I didn´t have krona. I gave the cashier some euros and I was really suprised as she handed me over some krona.

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