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Utrecht Centraal / station Most

Rating: 4.3
Аddress: Stationshal 12, 12, 3511 CE Utrecht, Netherlands
GPS: 52.0894403 5.1099869



Train Station  Most Train Station  Most Train Station  Most


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Hieronymus Janssen

Оценка: 5

Utrecht Central Station, the train station that is, is the biggest train hub in The Netherlands. Over the last 5 to 7 years the whole station, so not just the platforms but also the transfer area one level above the platforms, underwent a major overhaul/upgrade. At this time, a bit past halfway 2020, all the construction works have been done for a while now, so you'll have no longer any problems changing trains. There might be some small construction/overhaul work going on, but it will not interfer with your traveling. I absolutely love the new transfer area (1 level above all the platforms), it's way more spacious than before, and gives you a very good sense of where you are, and where you need to go. Knowing which train to take next, at what time, and at which platform is, in my opinion the single most important aspect of train travel. Well Utrecht Central Station gets a 10 outta 10 in this respect. Knowing how much time you've got off great because now you know how long you can visit the wide variety of shops. Or get something to eat and/ or drink, or takeaway from one of the many restaurants, or fast food places.... Toilets, yes they are there also. But not on the platforms, and not for free.... I believe 65 euro cents....

Barjakloo Lockk

Оценка: 5

Utrecht Centraal is the busiest railway station in the Netherlands, despite that it is a very well organized and clean place. This station is a perfect example of how every train station I have visited should work.

Rodger Meier

Оценка: 1

Don't ask for information. Goshipping with colleagues is much more important to the seniors in the information booths. Most disrespectful service I've had in a decade. 1 star is no star.

Francesco Campanella

Оценка: 5

A nice and modern structure. I only saw a clean environment overall.

Mim Kh

Оценка: 2

I don't have any comments about the train station but the ov fietsen ( especially the underground floor) . There is not enough signs here. Today I was just walking back and forth a good couple of minutes and was not able to find a single staff. All the receptions were empty, no one was there. Until to find three or four ppl gathering in one place and seemingly having a tea party.

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