Train Station Bohumín

Bohumín, nádr. / station Bohumín

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: 735 81 Novy Bohumin, Czechia
GPS: 49.9010527 18.3591641



Train Station  Bohumín Train Station  Bohumín


Аbout Train Station Bohumín.


Оценка: 2

We caught a train here from Prague and were told we had to make a reservation for the remainder of the trip to Krakow. The lady at the ticket desk was so rude and not interested in helping us with this it all. She spoke Czech which was fine and seemed disgruntled with me using Google translate to assist me with making a reservation. She shooed me away to the next desk where we had a much more helpful lady that reserved a seat for us. Nice tidy train station with plenty of space and not busy at all. There were multiple waiting rooms and train departure screens.

Avin Pandey

Оценка: 2

Train was late by 20 minutes in the middle of night at 3 AM. There were no free public toilets. Atleast Toilets should be free in Train stations I dont understand why these government even take taxes. Worst experience. Not good. Not recommended. Gave one extra star just because there were free books for the passangers but that too in the regional language. No english book was there. Simply its not good for tourists.

Paul Tsui

Оценка: 5

simple but we'll equipped


Оценка: 5

The countryside station and station staff are kind!

John Gilmour

Оценка: 3

We arrived here on a train from Prague and switched to a Leo express bus to Krakow. This is an aging station that needs updating. There is a small restaurant, although I did not eat or drink anything. If you have time you can easily walk into the town. The rest rooms cost 10 KC for men to use the urinal or 20 KC to sit down. The ladies room charges a flat 15 regardless of what you plan to do in there. I suppose they can't tell what the ladies will do behind a closed door, they charge the average of the men's prices.

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