Train Station České Budějovice Č. Budějovice

České Budějovice / station České Budějovice Č. Budějovice

Rating: 3.6
Аddress: Nádražní, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czechia
GPS: 48.9743148 14.4881692



Train Station  České Budějovice Č. Budějovice Train Station  České Budějovice Č. Budějovice Train Station  České Budějovice Č. Budějovice Train Station  České Budějovice Č. Budějovice


Аbout Train Station České Budějovice Č. Budějovice.

Farouk Mogheth

Оценка: 4

As the gentleman here mentioned, the platforms have been redone many years ago but now and after a very long wait, the main historical building of the train station will have its former beauty restored + finally. It'll take 2yrs to complete the project with 20€+ million price tag. The surroundings as well will be more pedestrian centric. The main bus station just across has many venues as its a shopping centre and the busses drive up to the rooftop...

Radek Jirik

Оценка: 5

Beatiful city, worthy to visit, my hometown!

Daniel Brvnišťan

Оценка: 3

Train is now a faster and much more comfortable way to reach Prague. That can't be said of other directions such as Český Krumlov or Linz, unfortunately. The platforms are new, but the historical station building really needs a refresh. Access to the public transportation across the street is not very direct. There are a couple convenience stores, fast food outlets and one very run down station restaurant / pub, accessible from the street or maze of corridors to the left of the departures board.

Victor Pantoja

Оценка: 2

Hard to find someone who spoke English.

Yu Sheng Teo

Оценка: 1

Well at first the train got delayed by 35 minutes. Then 70 minutes. Then 80. Then 90. Then 110. Then 120. Yet no answers or announcements from the staff about what’s happening. Then they silently changed it from a train to bus without any announcement. When asked, the staff said they have no idea when the bus will come. Bonus points: the toilets are locked up after a certain time, so you know they really go all out to ensure maximum comfort of their passengers.